Bio: The purpose of this blog is to share my journey healing from incest and childhood sexual abuse. I hope it inspires others to share their journey.

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  1. Kris Krieg


    Your words of abuse are very poignant. The details of your stories can so difficult to fathom. A parent should be a protector and nurturer, to see that your parents/guardians did not play this role is truly heart breaking. It appears that addiction definitely played a role in your parents/guardians lives and can distort the mind in unexplainable ways. My father was an alcoholic. Although my upbringing was not as severe as yours, I do see glimpses of addiction throughout your stories and can relate to the bizarre behavior that comes from addiction. It is a wicked cycle from one generation to another. I do hope you are able to break that cycle and lead a happy life.

    It sounds like you’ve reached out for counseling, which is a great step. My experience with counseling is limited, however I do know that Al-Anon support groups can be very helpful and might be worth looking into, if you haven’t already.

    Your stories have had quite an impact on me. It’s difficult to put the words together to describe their impact. Very touching and very sad, although hopeful that you are on a positive path. I hope you are able to learn from your experiences and use that knowledge to your advantage, building a life of peace and happiness. Even though I am just deducing your personality from your images on Model Mayhem and a few stories on your blog, you seem to possess an attractive personality. The best of luck on your journey.



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